Friday, August 18, 2017

What a week! Friday Favorites

Well, it hasn't been the best week around here to be honest. Definitely not my FAVORITE.

We lost a dear member of our family this week, after years of struggling with poor health. This was difficult for everyone. Simultaneously, Sadie was hit with a 104.4 fever and a sudden case of Roseola which lasted three days and was so scary! I didn't sleep at all since her fever seemed to rise substantially at night.

But amidst the difficult week, we did have some fun and make some solid memories.

Children are always a constant distraction, but in difficult times, that distraction can be a very good thing.

They both had their birthdays this week. Born 6 years and 6 days apart, we had some celebrating to do.

Last week when I wrote, we were just about to embark on a day of fishing to celebrate my son, Oliver's 8th birthday.

These guys love each other so much, and that is definitely a FAVORITE for me!

Although I'm sad to see summer coming to an end, we did enjoy participating in a few of the Regal $1 Summer Movies. Our local cinema was recently renovated and now has the large leather reclining chairs. Sitting in there with my feet up has been a FAVORITE for me lately!

This week I found myself getting a little deeper into this book, Delicious!

This is the first work of fiction by famous food critic, Ruth Reichl. It's the story of a young woman who begins working at a food magazine in New York City. And, although the start was a bit slow, I promise you, stick with it! I'm nearing the end and loving it! Definitely a FAVORITE for me this week!

I've been finding some killer deals on Travelzoo lately! Type in "Barcelona" and check out the $599 deal they have right now (that includes airfare AND hotel)! And, it's available for travel through Spring, 2018! Finding bargain travel deals is always a FAVORITE!

Finally, we ended up this week celebrating our little girl's 2nd birthday. We had a Paddington Bear British-themed party. As I've mentioned before, I love all things English, so I really enjoyed planning this party. We had shepherd's pie, mushy peas, marmalade sandwiches and potato salad! I know, kind of weird food for a 2-year old's party, but it fit the theme!

I got her little skirt with the double decker buses from one of my favorite British stores, Cath Kidston! They have the cutest kid's clothes and pajamas, and I adore their handbags and wallets! Definitely a FAVORITE!

Well, that's all from me this week. I have a busy day of taking the kids to their wellness checks today, before hopefully heading to the beach for a little happy hour. Our last Friday before school begins!

Wishing you a good one!

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