Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Time to Share a Little About Me!

Well, I kind of did things in reverse here in blogland. I started writing some random posts and sharing them, before properly sharing anything about myself!

I've had a few friends mention that my "About Me" button wasn't working. Err...that's because I didn't write anything!

So, here goes...

I'm so happy you decided to stop by! As you will probably be able to tell from a quick glance around here, traveling, happy hour, my family, friends & fashion are some of my favorite things!

Nearly 10 years ago, my husband Tony and I made the decision to leave the beautiful (but rainy!) Pacific Northwest and start a new life here in Orange County, California. We couldn't love it more. We often play tourist right here at home, visiting gorgeous Laguna Beach (just 10 miles down the road), or camping up in the mountains (just 1.5 hours away).

I have two littles, Sadie (age 2) and Oliver (age 8) that keep me very busy!

Before becoming a mom, I worked in the world of international development and relief at a large non-profit. The work was fascinating, fulfilling, and took me to many parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Australia. After I had my oldest, I made the decision to stay home. Since that time, I've taught myself to sew and have made a few thousand pillows here and there in my little Etsy shop! Random, right?!

Back in college I spent a brief semester studying in Rome, Italy and my insatiable hunger for European travel was born! After graduating college, I moved to England to volunteer for a year, before going to Bath for graduate school. My friends in England are my second family, and this period in my life influenced my love for "all things British". Especially, my obsession with the Royal Family! (That's me and Liz below. At her Golden Jubilee celebration, circa 2002).

I've always been super proud of the fact that I'm half Egyptian (my dad immigrated to the states in his late 20's). My mom comes from a Danish/American background. So, growing up we traveled quite a bit to Egypt and Denmark to visit relatives and experienced many Griswold-style vacations. (That guy a foot taller than me is my little brother, Andrew).

My husband is from Guatemala (one of my most favorite countries, up there with Italy and Romania), and while I've been there a couple of times, we are hoping to travel to more of Central America in the very near future!

I absolutely love eating out. This can be proven by the fact that I usually have to "jump" into my skinny jeans once they get out of the wash. Happy hour is my favorite, because I'm a bargain hunter at heart. I love fancy restaurants, but only if I can get my glass of Chardonnay half-off between 4 - 7pm. My parents are our partners in crime for HH, and we usually meet them every weekend to eat out!

I'm a complete cruise junkie. It's kind of embarrassing, but I just can't get enough. I've been on 22 cruises, and have been known to get on this website and squander hours! Cruise planning is my favorite.

When I'm stressed or busy sewing, you can guarantee Friends will be on in the background. I know the words to almost every single episode, and still laugh out loud whenever I watch. My favorite show of all time. I was stoked to walk by "their building" last year when I was in Greenwich Village in NYC!

I love wine tasting and visiting vineyards. I love learning about the process of how wine is made, and I'm not mad about having to sit around tasting it after a winery tour either! My husband and I were married back in 2006 at Columbia Winery in Washington!

I am lucky to have a great community of girlfriends, many of which I met through the creation of a local Cooking Club. We were inspired by Shauna Niequist's book, Bread and Wine, and I would've never imagined the wonderful friendships that have formed in the 4 years since we read the book together and cooked through the recipes in each chapter.

This is a random glimpse into who I am and some of my favorite people and things! I hope you'll stop by to visit again!

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