Friday, August 11, 2017


Today is a day of celebrating at our house! Our little boy went from squishy little baby: a big 8-year old! I snapped this pic just last week at the Orthodontist's office - right after he had 6 upper braces put on! He was very excited to sport Seahawks colors in his teeth!

We are doing one of his FAVORITE things to celebrate today! Ocean fishing off the pier in San Clemente! Grandma and Grandpa will be joining us for pizza, fishing, and cake! We are excited to celebrate our little boy and hoping for some big catches today!

Since we're talking about our favorites today, I wanted to share this new Aveeno 60 Second facial I bought this week. Now listen, I saw Jennifer Aniston in a commercial on tv using this and raving about it, and somehow, I convinced myself I needed it. I mentioned to one of my good friend about Jennifer Aniston using Aveeno and she said, "you know she doesn't REALLY use that stuff, right? It's all La Mer and plastic botox". Err, yes. I guess that is most likely true! In any case, for $6.99, I love how this exfoliates, and my skin feels really good after using it! For the past year I've typically used the Origins Modern Friction exfoliator (which I LOVE), but this is a milder version that you could use more frequently.

UPS stopped by with a few goodies from Old Navy again Wednesday. I'm telling you, Old Navy is nailing it this season! Some of my FAVORITES to transition into fall and winter months:

First, a new moto jacket! I've had my eye on a moto jacket for about a year. Whenever I've tried them on, they're typically way too long in the arms for me. Well, who knew that Old Navy would have a moto jacket in stock this year? And, it's super cute! Not a cheap, plastic-like faux leather. And, not too many crazy zippers or buttons. Just the right amount. If you're in the market for one, you should check it out!

I know it's not quite fall yet. Especially since we're still hitting the beaches here in Southern California! I love this short-sleeve tie blouse. It's a perfect transitional piece that will pair nicely under a jacket later in the fall! I tried doing a quick selfie, but had a little 23-month old photo bomber running through!

I also want to share this casual cotton dress with you! I own it in several colors, and it's the perfect thing to throw on for school pickup or a quick trip to Target. They've introduced this new heather grey color which I just love! I've paired it with my Tory Burch silver ballet flats, which I wear with so many things. I am kind of obsessed with TB. I tell myself that the Old Navy shopping negates the Tory obsession. #smartlogic

My next FAVORITE is this little black cold shoulder dress! It's feminine, comfortable, and I love the fact that it has longer sleeves! It could really be worn all-year round here in California, but definitely spring - fall in most parts of the country! I'm including the snapshot below, because I don't think it is quite as long as it appears on the model on the website. I paired it with these BP Sandals from Nordstrom, which I love! They're comfy and not too high! My pattern doesn't seem to be in stock any longer, but there are several other fun choices.

I wasn't too sure if the cold shoulder trend was here to stay or not, but it seems it is! And, I'm okay with that! I loved the fit of this top. Unlike so many other cold shoulder tops, the shoulders are cut in exactly the right place and aren't baggy. It lays so nicely! Black has been going in and out of stock, so check back if you're interested.

Okay, one more fall to winter find...If you're thinking I've found a surplus of new clothes and have a little shopping addiction, you'd be partially correct. About 3 months ago, I did a MAJOR cleanout of my closet. I am the type of person that will hang onto something from Nordstrom or Banana Republic because I spent a lot on it and can't handle giving it to Goodwill. It was getting a little crazy. I was hanging on to clothes I hadn't worn in years! Also, after having my daughter, my style and shape changed (ahem, not necessarily for the better). Instead of trying to feel comfortable cramming myself into old clothes, I decided to clear the closet and start over. So, this fall is kind of my first year of that and I am excited to find some new staples!

Which brings me to...this tweed blazer! I absolutely love the clean, feminine lines of it! It isn't boxy at all! And, I adore the color. It screams fall to me. I envision wearing it at the apple orchard with boots and my basket of apples. (Except in reality, apple picking here in California opens at the end of this month and it'll most likely be 85 degrees at the orchard. So, I'd be sweating buckets in this). But you know, #goals. I'm including the photo below, because my husband walked in on me taking it and totally cracked up. He said, "it looks like you're about to go ride a horse in Nantucket". Which tells me, pairing it with the brown boots and the pearls might look a little crazy. Or, I may just wear it that way and OWN IT. We'll see. I'm no fashionista over here. Just wearing what I like!

Switching gears a little bit away from clothes...I popped into World Market this week and found these ADORABLE journals! They instantly looked familiar to me, because I have the Paris in Love book out on our coffee table, and I love the images! I often use journals like this to manage the orders from my pillow shop. But, I've also started using one as a gratitude journal. I decided to start this month by sitting down at night and writing things I'm thankful for that have occurred throughout the day. I think it's helping to give me a more positive outlook, especially on days when I'm run down from my kids! These journals are definitely a FAVORITE!

Also giving me food for thought this week, is this book, From Grouchy to Great: Finding Joy in the Journey of Motherhood. Amazon recommended it for me. Which made me laugh out loud, but also realize that those guys know their target markets! Well played, Amazon. No wonder you take all our money! I've read through the first week, and I'm really enjoying this book! I was in kind of a funk the past month, and this is really helping me to move out of that!

That's it for Friday Favorites! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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