Friday, August 25, 2017

Back to School and a few Friday Favorites!

Well, this was a big week around here! Summer ended, and just like that, my son began 2nd grade!

I think I was probably more nervous than he was...He had hopes of getting one specific teacher, and when we checked the portal the day before to find out who his teacher was, he actually had never heard of her! Which, made me a bit nervous...But he walked out the first day singing her praises, and very excited to be starting a new school year! That was a FAVORITE for us all!

This week I also did a lot of meal planning and researching some new recipes that were just a *tad* healthier. Summer has meant lots of fun dinners out, happy hour and pizza at the beach. And thinking of squeezing into my skinny jeans all winter isn't really a good match for all that. I've been trying to find some clean eating recipes that are lower in carbs and sugar. Wednesday night I made this No Noodle Zucchini Lasagna, and it was a hit with the whole family! I did make a few changes and omissions: I added some crushed garlic and additional spices, and I left out the mushrooms and spinach in favor of extra zucchini "noodles". I will be making it again! (And, since the recipe called for wine, I had to have a glass while cooking as well). A FAVORITE!

I also spent some time trying to organize our master bathroom. One thing I realized is that my makeup and brushes, etc didn't ever all fit into my makeup bag! I had a bag for eye shadows, a bag for facial creams, some things in the drawer, and more things in the medicine cabinet. And, I wasn't always putting everything away every morning, so it had just become a bit messy. I decided I needed a "train case" sort of makeup bag - something large enough to store and organize everything! However, with traveling, I just can't have a makeup bag that weighs 3 - 4 pounds all on it's own! After doing some research, I found this Ellis James makeup bag and I'm in love! It's large enough to fit your flat iron, brushes, lotions, and everything else! At first I thought it was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but when I look at my bathroom counter, I can say that this was $28 well spent! A FAVORITE for sure!

On the first day of school I did a Target run with my littlest. Target with one child is definitely easier than with two! Ha! I actually had time to peruse the clothes, and found that they have brought back one of my FAVORITE shirts!

Now listen, I have no idea why the models on the Target website have it buttoned all the way up and look so uncomfortable. If I had seen this shirt online, I would never order it! But trust me, this shirt can be worn all year long and is so comfortable! I have it in black, blue, orange and now olive! It's very similar to the super popular Lush shirt that has been a bestseller at Nordstrom for ages! And while I love that blouse, this one isn't quite as low-cut and it's not dry clean only! If you're looking for a cute top, check this one out!

I couldn't find a link to the exact tassel necklace above, but if you're looking for some quality jewelry that also makes a huge impact on women's lives, check out Noonday! My friend became an ambassador for them last year, and their pieces are so unique. They are all handcrafted and each item has a story and a history. She hosted an open house in her home last night, and I loved so many of the new pieces in the fall collection! You can shop online too! If you're interested, check it out here! These are a few of my FAVORITES in the new collection:

This navy tassel bracelet, handmade in India:

With fall and winter arriving, I reach for my denim jeans a lot more, and I think these earrings would look great with jeans and almost any top! Love the delicate beads!

Finally, remember that deal I mentioned to road trip around Tuscany for $599 (that also included flights, hotels AND breakfast daily)? Well, it's back! Check out the Travelzoo offer here!

Well, that's it from me this week. We're gearing up for a beach camping trip which I hope to report back on next week!

And, make sure to stop by on Monday! I've planned a big post on THE TOP 8 REASONS you need to plan your next family vacation to Transylvania, Romania!

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  1. I love that shirt; lovely color. And, the jewelry is so colorful. Perfect for fall! Hugs, Mom