Monday, July 24, 2017

Armchair Travels: Nantucket!

I'm sorry for the silence around here lately!

As it turns out, recovering from a 17-day vacation + fighting jet lag isn't for the faint of heart!

Summertime in Southern California means going to the beach as often as we can. And I love it!

My little family has taken up ocean fishing recently, and have gone out twice on San Clemente Pier to see what we can catch! Both times we've caught a variety of fish! Sand bass and mackerel to name a few!

With two little ones, I don't often get the chance to just lay out and relax on the beach. But when I do, I try and take a good book with me and totally veg out! This summer I've developed a small obsession with Elin Hilderbrand and her books. They're all set on the island of Nantucket, which I've never actually visited! I imagine it to be similar to nearby Balboa Island, but I'm trying to plan a little vacation there to explore since the landscapes she describes are so picturesque! Quaint beaches with lighthouses, and lots of farm to table restaurants have me swooning over how fabulous Nantucket must be in the summertime. Bonus: the main characters in Elin Hilderbrand's books are usually foodies, and she includes descriptions (and sometimes recipes) of the gorgeous meals they're usually eating on the deck of whatever Nantucket cottage is featured in the storytline.

If you're looking for a good beach read this summer, I definitely recommend one of hers! My favorites are below - if you click on the cover, it'll take you directly to Amazon!

If you find yourself enjoying Elin Hilderbrand, you may also like to read some books by Nancy Thayer this summer! Very similar in character development, and they also take place on the beautiful island of Nantucket! After reading so many of these, I can almost envision myself riding my bike through 'Sconset! Some of my Nancy Thayer favorites are below:

What are your favorite beach reads I need to add to my list? With over a month of summer left, I want to take full advantage of it!

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